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Introducing Jetpack - the coolest way to get the things you need delivered in minutes.

Our Story

As students, our team forgets or runs out of things we need all the time. From phone chargers and breath mints to razors and energy drinks – you name it, we forgot it.

On every college campus, students need certain products right away. During these moments, stores are either too far or closed, or students just don’t have the time or energy to travel. Traditional delivery platforms take too long because students and professionals are located in buildings or on campuses not easily accessible by the public.

That’s why our team decided to make sharing easier. We’ve created a platform that allows students to ask nearby people for the last minute products the need really quickly. We help find the items you need in minutes using the power of GPS and crowd-sourcing. Learn more about our journey and vision below.

How It Works

1) Tell us what you need

After downloading the app, simply type in what you need delivered right away. Ask for anything! From clown wigs to inflatable pools – no request is too random. Once you tell us what you need, the app will be able to determine your location. You can also set a time frame for how quickly you need the item delivered – within the day, hour, or (most likely) right away!

2) We’ll ask everyone nearby

After you submit your request, we’ll send a push notification to everyone in your immediate vicinity. They will then have a few minutes to respond to your request. If others have what you need, you’ll start receiving various offers for delivering your product. After reviewing all the offered prices, you’ll pick the offer you like the most. Now time to get your product!

3) Get it in minutes!

Once you accept an offer, it’s time for the delivery. You’ll be able to track the delivery of your product in real time. If there’s any questions, you can chat with your seller inside the app.

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Our Team

Fatima Dicko


Lawrence Morris


Jayden Windle


Ryan Middleton

Head of Growth